Vivo Energy and EV-Box launch the first EV charging station in Morocco

In partnership with Vivo Energy, EV-Box launched the first charging station for electric vehicles in Morocco, and will support COP22 in Marrakech with 20 charging points.

Casablanca, October 31, 2016 - Vivo Energy Morocco, the company supplying Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, has decided to take the greener route and diversify its product portfolio by offering charging stations for electric cars. For this initiative, the company has selected charging point supplier EV-Box, the international market leader in EV charging solutions. EV-Box will provide the first charging station network in Morocco, which should accommodate the growing demand for electric cars in the country.

The first charging station is inaugurated at the Shell "Exit" station, located at the exit of Casablanca on the road to Marrakech. In addition, a total of 20 EV-Box charging points will be presented at COP22. These will later be added to the main roads, laying the ground work for the country's charging infrastructure.

"We are so pleased to have Vivo Energy Morocco as a new partner to expand our solutions to the Morrocan market. We are also very honored to be able to support the worldwide event that advocates for sustainability and climate change, the COP22.", says Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EV-Box.

Vivo Energy Morocco is a partner of the consortium of public and private stakeholders, who are committed to promoting the use of electric vehicles in Morocco. This promotion will be launched during the COP22. Vivo Energy aims to have introduced 700,000 electric vehicles by 2030. This goal should help them acchieve the policy objective of reducing 12% of the CO2 emissions from transportation by then.

"This approach is fully consistent with our objective to promote sustainable mobility through alternative methods, including electric mobility. The Shell brand in Morocco has a wide network, which will evolve & thus participate in the development of the use of electric vehicles and encourage the evolution of drivers' practices", said Mr. Asaf Sasaoglu, CEO of Vivo Energy Morocco. "Ultimately, our goal is to create a sustainable traffic movement in all of Morocco with a reliable EV charging infrastructure, that meets the standards of pioneering European countries", Mr. Sasaoglu concluded.

Vivo Energy Morocco takes care of the installations for its charging network between Casablanca and Marrakech. The charging stations will then gradually be extended to the rest of the country. EV-Box charging stations are equipped with a Type 2 - Mode 3 output, which can adapt to all types of (plug-in hybrid) electric cars and electric motorcycles. Moroccan drivers are confident that the infrastructure will be properly laid out across many locations, starting with the existing Shell network.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS) and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 40,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks. EV-Box charging solutions are universal and can be operated by any electric vehicle. With a progressive mindset, and its high quality hardware, cloud software and mobile application, EV-Box continues to offer the safest and the most user-friendly charging experience to EV drivers across the world. EV-Box headquarters are based in Amsterdam, with local offices in New York, London, Paris and Antwerp. Production facilities in Netherlands and USA.

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