EVBox has been named as a 2017 Grid Edge Award winner by Greentech Media

EV-Box was selected from hundreds of nominations and will be presented the award at Grid Edge World Forum in June in San Jose, California.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, April 10, 2017 – EV-Box, international market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, announced the launch of a new generation of charging stations, starting with Elvi, a solution for electric vehicles drivers to charge at home.

Every year, Greentech Media seeks to highlight the industry leaders paving the way toward tomorrow’s distributed energy system. The Grid Edge Awards represent the top twenty companies or projects that showcase innovative products, introduce new business models to the electric sector, or otherwise present alternative ways of managing the electric grid that are more efficient and reliable.

Started in 2014, Grid Edge Award winners have included start-ups, established technology vendors, utilities, energy providers, among others.

EV-Box was selected from hundreds of nominations and will be presented the award at Grid Edge World Forum in June in San Jose, California.

A fast-growing clean tech company

Technology to make electric vehicles a grid resource will rely on both scale and sophistication. In the words of Greentech Media, "EV-Box has been working on the scale side of the equation, with more than 48,000 of its smart EV charging stations deployed in 27 countries and 980 cities to date. In the U.S. market, EV-Box is starting to deploy its solutions in California, and recently secured a 300-station pilot with EVConnect and the New York Power Authority. And its recent purchase by Engie, gives it opportunity for far more scale in the years ahead."

EV-Box's use of the OpenADR protocol to support next-generation grid integration, allowing owners of charging stations to participate in demand response and other grid services, was a key criteria to attribute the award to the company.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 48,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

EV-Box charging solutions are universal and can be operated by any electric vehicle. With a progressive mindset, high quality hardware, and cloud-based software applications, EV-Box continues to offer the safest and the most user-friendly charging experience to EV drivers across the world.

EV-Box has an extensive installed base of charging points, reaching 26 countries and 980 cities around the world. EV-Box has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Manchester, New York, Copenhagen and Oslo. Visit www.ev-box.com for more information.

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