EVBox further expands in UK market

International market leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, EVBox, expands its UK team and moves office to Manchester.

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, March 2, 2017 – EV-Box, international market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is expanding its operations within United Kingdom.

The last three years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK – new registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to around 85,000 by January 2017. By the end of 2016, 35,402 plug-in cars had been registered, the highest number ever. As a percentage of new car registrations, electric cars now represent around 1.3 per cent of the total new car market in the UK.

EV-Box started operations in the UK & Ireland last May 2016 positioning itself as a specialist in smart charging technology. Many businesses and sites have now experienced EV-Box’s charging technology, as well as partnered with the company to expand its portfolio offering to customers, such as Rexel and Alternergy.

Martyn Crabb joins EV-Box team

“A reliable, smart and connected charging infrastructure is crucial if the UK wants to become a leading country in sustainable mobility practice”, says Martyn Crabb, who has joined EV-Box as Partner Manager Distribution Channel for both UK & Ireland markets. “I’ve had the pleasure to work with EV-Box as a partner of Rexel UK Ltd. and seen first hand the smart charging technology benefits and expertise of the company. By joining EV-Box, I hope to expand the channel for distribution across the UK and build a professional installer network to increase the smart charging technology adoption”. Mr. Crabb joins EV-Box after being responsible for developing the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure offering throughout Rexel UK Ltd. for the last 4 years. Prior to Electric Vehicle Charging at Rexel, Mr. Crabb worked within the Energy Solutions offering such as PV through Rexel Energy Solutions.

Expertise in smart charging & interoperability

As the sales of electric vehicles keeps growing, there’s higher demand for smarter charging points, capable of not only performing smart charging, but also help businesses, lease companies and EV drivers at home to easily manage all the process of billing, invoicing and charging wherever they go.

“We want EV-Box UK & Ireland to keep evolving its offering in the UK & Ireland by building reliable & trustworthy partnership with energy companies, distribution channels and automotive industry.” said Kristof Vereenooghe, EV-Box’s CEO.

“UK will require strong expertise from players that know how interoperability works, how smart charging is performed and how to easily connect businesses, drivers and even energy companies to facilitate all the existing relationships, billing and invoice. We believe EV-Box has gained such knowledge in the past years, and is setting itself to be the engine behind the sustainable mobility movement.” Mr. Vereenooghe added.

EV-Box has decided to move its UK & Ireland headquarters from London to Manchester. Amongst many reasons for such decision, the fact that Manchester tech scene has a £ 2.2bn output and was recently voted as the best European location to do business were critical factors for concluding the move.

About EV-Box

EV-Box is the global market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 48,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

EV-Box charging solutions are universal and can be operated by any electric vehicle. With a progressive mindset, high quality hardware, and cloud-based software applications, EV-Box continues to offer the safest and the most user-friendly charging experience to EV drivers across the world.

EV-Box has an extensive installed base of charging points, reaching 26 countries and 980 cities around the world. EV-Box has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Manchester, New York, Copenhagen and Oslo. Visit www.ev-box.com for more information.

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