The unlocked charging solution that gives you the freedom to personalize how you charge

Flexible & adaptable

BusinessLine lets you control who can use your stations. Want a closed user group? With RFID-only, simply give branded RFID cards to those who you want to have access. Want to give charging to everyone? Let your stations turn on as soon as they're plugged in with Plug 'n Charge. Or, if you want a more robust experience for you and your users, you can upgrade to networked. You're in charge.

Future-proof & upgradable

Choose a BusinessLine station and your investment is always secure. That's because our hardware is modular and fully upgradable. So, no matter what happens, your station can be reconfigured to continue providing optimal charging. And thanks to our OCPP compliance, you can add, change, or remove a network service at any time — no vendor lock-in.

Efficient & cost-effective

Smart Charging features like hub/satellite configuration, load balancing, and peak shaving ensure that your charging stations are always using your available energy in the most cost effective way. So it's no surprise that EVBox BusinessLine is one of the few charging stations to be ENERGY STAR certified.

Durable & reliable

The fully UL-certified BusinessLine is vandal proof, non-flammable, and discoloration proof. BusinessLine’s robust and modular build makes it easy to install and maintain. It also has a 99.5% uptime which makes it one of the most dependable charging solutions on the market.

BusinessLine specifications

We listed the basic specifications for our BusinessLine below. Looking for more technical details? Download the datasheet here.

  • Up to 7.4 kW Charging capacity
  • 1 or 2 Number of connectors
  • Wall or Pole Mounting options
  • 18-25 ft (fixed) Cable options